Jackie and I wanted to take a minute to share with you the history of the Meritt Bois D’Arc Buffalo Ranch.

The ranch is a wonderful, peaceful place that the Lord has asked us to build, be His caretakers of, and use to spread His message of love and caring for others. We are doing that by opening our gates and inviting folks in to share in our beautiful ranch through special events, such as weddings, receptions, corporate picnics, holiday gatherings, children’s activities, horseback riding, and buffalo meat sales. We also have ranch guest rooms in the Meritt Hotel as well as 10 RV sites with full-hookups.

I have been in the commercial construction business for most of my life and built many high-rise construction projects around the US. When I decided to retire, my family and I bought this place and began to raise buffalo. My background is Native American and it just seemed to be a natural way for me to explore my heritage and give back to the community by raising the buffalo and restoring them to the prairies they once roamed freely.

My wife, Jackie, is an ordained minister who has spent her life in the business world as an air traffic controller. She then went on to run a youth center for young people for many years. Her heart has opened many, many times to young women in search of a new life, who, to this day seek her out in their times of need. Her door is always open to those in need.

The Meritt Bois D'Arc Buffalo Ranch is evolving and changing each and every week. The Lord proceeds to open new doors for us in many directions. As these doors open, we agree to walk through and take the ranch down a new and exciting path. Each morning as the sun rises, we thank the Lord for our many blessings and ask Him to guide our steps as we share our lives with you. We are glad you stopped by to see what the Ranch has to offer and look forward to meeting you soon.

Bob & Jackie Meritt